SwitchSecureStore - Changes the currently used SecureStore implementation


java -jar gerrit.war SwitchSecureStore


Changes the SecureStore implementation used by Gerrit. It migrates all data stored in the old implementation, removes the old implementation jar file from $site_path/lib and puts the new one there. As a final step the gerrit.secureStoreClass property of gerrit.config will be updated.

All dependencies not provided by Gerrit should be put the in $site_path/lib directory manually, before running the SwitchSecureStore program.

After this operation there is no automatic way back the to standard Gerrit no-op secure store implementation, however there is a manual procedure: * stop Gerrit, * remove SecureStore jar file from $site_path/lib, * put plain text passwords into $site_path/etc/secure.conf file, * start Gerrit.



Path to jar file with new SecureStore implementation. Jar dependencies must be put in $site_path/lib directory.